"Ride It"

Enema Stone, Michael Cignarale



1. Ride It
2. Ride It (Michael Cignarale's Medusa Remix)
3. Ride (Acapella 4 Your Pleasure)

Medusa Records is excited to announce the release of “Ride It,” the cheeky new single & music video by Enema Stone: Shanghai’s glamorous, trashy, drag diva; and one of the organizers behind one of Shanghai's queerest parties, Medusa. “Ride It” is the latest irreverent synth-driven, pop-dance track by Enema Stone. The track takes root in early 2000’s electro-clash and is layered with minimal, lo-fi, and luscious drums and synths. Enema’s vocal abilities are on full display as she makes references to all the divas and icons that give her drag shape and substance, making this track a staple in her performances. Michael Cignarale produced the club remix for the release. Michael as resident DJ of Medusa, is referencing the history of legendary tribal remixers, such as Junior Vasquez, Club 69, and Thunderpuss, to bring a raw, energetic, and queer-driven remix for the release. Finally, the release includes a B-side acapella tool, encouraging independent remix and sampling.

June 7, 2024

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