Michael Cignarale

DJ / Producer / Singer


Michael Cignarale is a powerful enigma who has given the DANCE music scene a new feast for both sight and sound! In January 2024, he was named as one of DJ MAG’S “EIGHT EMERGING ARTISTS YOU NEED TO HEAR,” shortly after releasing “Dance Like We Are Lovers,” which features remixes from Justin Cudmore and BASHKKA. Michael is the resident DJ of MEDUSA, an instrumental party that has shaped China’s dance music scene for the last eight years. Both a producer, vocalist, and DJ, Michael incorporates every facet of entertainment that audiences desire, and leaves them thirsty for more. His impactful live vocals are signature to his sets, pair with sex-drenched 90’s inspired house music. His DJ sets are a blend of driving energy, flair, and exquisite frequencies that pump the essence of New York underground into your soul. In 2021 Michael released a 10-track album, “Operatic Orgasm.” The album garnered widespread acclaim thus solidifying his position within the industry as a versatile and sought-after music producer. Releasing music on the legendary “Nervous Records,” Michael is primed to explode even further this year with his highly-anticipated future releases on Chrissy’s Maximum Airtime, Medusa Records, and more. He has been featured on The Blessed Madonna’s, BBC Radio Six “The Story Of… ,” as well as various other high-profile media publications such as “Resident Advisor, MixMag, and Crack.” Michael currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.


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